Tuesday, February 24, 2009

K-Will or Knox Vil Le or K-Willy?

Monday, February 23, 2009


Such a sweet little thing...just 4 weeks old!
I loved loved her dimples and
that awesome red hair!

Big Brother Grayson was living it up as the new head hancho in town, but I remember when he was that tiny, too!.....


Monday, February 16, 2009

Mamma Goose Intern?

Lucy has been going crazy with her birthday camera and its funny to see what she finds interesting. There have been lots of snapshots of the floor, the toilet and way too closeups of everyone's face or rear end! Here are a few that I actually like in a post modern art sort of way:

This was after me suggesting she go outside and find beautiful things to photograph...she chose her Barbie dress up shoes.

Some detective work going on in this one...

Mommy perched at the computer with cell phone to ear-a very realistic portrait of me!

Close up of those super cute lips.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Happy Birthday, Lucy!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Birthday Bowling and Brinner

Birthdays are a big deal around our house, and we ceremoniously celebrate the "birthday week." My tiny little baby is in full swing of her 4th birthday week, kicking off this past Saturday with her classmates. Since 3 of the 8 kids that make up her preschool class were born on February 10, 11, then 12th, we decided to take throw a big shindig instead of parading the preschool moms all around town for parties. Bowling was the entertainment of choice! Wizard of Oz was Lucy's theme for the day...her current obsession. My friend, Melissa of Lucky Bug Designs created this adorable "casual" Dorothy dress for the occasion. Of course, we already had the ruby slippers-any self respecting 3 year old has the target glitter shoes!

Lucy and friend, Brady
Taylor, the birthday boy and 1 day Lucy's elder, paling around with John and Joseph
Lucy and Taylor on perhaps her first car date. She pushed the pedal, he did most of the wrecking, er, steering.

Balloon kisses.

Daddy helping with the miniature bowling.

Megan, Taylor and Lucy sharing the official blowing out of the candles!
A few hours and Tylenol later, we prepared a breakfast feast for dinner. The brinner idea came about after the only food item Lucy could name that she likes us to cook was chocolate chip pancakes. What can I say, she prefers Cracker Barrel to mommy's cooking. So, Dan took charge and whipped up some pancakes, breakfast quesidillas and I made cupcakes. The fam came over to celebrate with us.
Nana, Drew, and Aunt Kellie getting some grub.

Brad, Steph, Grammy and GiGi.
The kiddie partay table.

Culinary genius...its a sculptural piece combining the symbolism of the yellow brick road of life and the turbulent nature of the tornado...just kidding, I had extra icing, that's all.

and many more...!

Of course, lets not forget the bounty of the day! Mom and Dad bestowed upon the 4 year old her first camera. Hopefully the results of some of her photography endeavors will appear on here soon. Here are some highlights:
Fancy Nancy Pants

Meet Goldie Starfish Williamson, the newest member of the family whom I will no doubt kill by next week. Thanks, Aunt Kellie, for that GREAT gift. I just ordered the ninja throwing stars and home piercing kit for your kids.