Monday, October 27, 2008

The Rice Quadruplets

I specifically remember meeting Chuck Rice whenever he visited our Sunday school 3 summers ago. Just as casually as he would comment on the weather, he mentioned in conversation that his wife was pregnant and currently on bedrest. Boy or Girl? Yes, he replied. Quads. Well, they had my attention from that point on. They were born at an amazing 26 weeks (thats right, Danielle-26!) and although they had their fair share of time at Vandy, they are all vivacious 3 year olds! I have always wanted to photograph them, and Sunday I got my chance. I had a blast with each kid. Its fascinating to me that they came from the same place and are so different. Their whole journey is a visible testiment to miracles in my opinion, and I feel fortunate to know them. Ann never ceases to amaze me with her calm nature and ease at handling them. I keep a picture of them when they were little babies to remind me that I just have could be much harder!

Shep (short for Shepherd). He's the only boy and kind of the ring leader.

Laura Frances, whom I would best describe as an old soul.

Miss Elizabeth is going to give Mom and Dad a run for their money. And drive the boys crazy!
Mary Carter is just the tiniest little teacup and sweet as pie.

Thats a lot of little toes!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pumpkinfest 2008

I heart pumpkinfest. I have debated telling my kids that this Franklin event is actually Halloween, because its way better! Basically downtown Franklin shuts down all day to allow costumed children (and some adults) to fill the streets in search of candy, games, and good food. We trick or treated to the businesses, played old fashion games like fishing pond and lollipop tree, tasted and voted in the chili cookoff for lunch (then raided Lucy's bag for candy afterwards!) and just enjoyed the atmosphere. Its days like this one that truly make me appreciate my community. We were fortunate enough to be accompanied by Mickey and Minnie Mouse this year...

Leah as Sleeping Beauty

Little Bronson as a Penguin

Flower (Bella) and Lightening McQueen (Taylor)

THE scarecrow from Oz. Lucy was upset the rest of the gang wasn't also there!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Been a long time blogging.

Well, I have had my hands full lately! Dan and I ran off to the Bahamas for 3 days and had a blast, but have been paying the price of being behind on EVERYTHING! And whilst distracted, my children like to reek havoc on my sanity! Why Rachel, what could your two sweet babies possibly get themselves into? Answer: Plenty!
Here is my 3 year old flirting with a fella who was suppose to be getting HIS picture made!
By the way, Thomas, you're grounded!
These cute grins from Lucy and Leah in the choir room, meant...
I am going to grin and chew on my robe instead of sing! Funny, she has a speaking part in the Christmas program. Not sure how that's going to go with a sleeve in her mouth.
And this sweet face can only mean...
I have piled Mac and Cheese on my head!
And here Lucy is, of course, milking a goat: Why?
Because she spent the day with Pap!

So, life has been streaming by, one hi jinx at a time. October will be over in a flash, but luckily the most fun comes at it's end!