Friday, August 29, 2008

Austin Mental Limits

Dan had yet another trip to Austin last week, so we decided we would tag along and see what Austin had to offer. I really liked the city, however, if I ever go again, it will be sans children! For some unknown reason, both kids decided to pull out their devil horns for this mini vaca, leaving me frazzled and outnumbered most of the time. There were a few highlights.

Lucy loved the hotel. When we checked in, our room wasn't ready, so they upgraded us to a 2 bedroom suite. This meant Lucy had her own roomHer own queen size bed with down comforter and gazillion pillows, And her own flat screen TV!We could've just stayed there and she would have been fine! We went over to the sprawling Dell International Headquarters to meet some of Dan's cohorts that he talks about so I could but faces to the names. Lucy liked being able to see where he goes to work when he's in Texas.

Austin has some great restaurants. We liked Chuy's-sort of a tex mex red bar. I definitely liked and appreciated the "Keep Austin Weird" vibe through out the city. I never did pick up one of the tshirts, mainly because at the time, I was hoping the experience of screaming children would magically be erased from my memory. The wounds have healed a little now, so maybe I'll send Dan back there for the T.
Very Similar to Chuy's was Shady Grove, the left overs of a once motor village. This is Lucy thinking I am the worst mother in the whole world:

Thats right, just 5 cents a day could feed this poor orphaned girl

We "rode the ducks" and got to see some cool sights around Austin and then motored around Town Lake.

As close as we got to the Alamo, Pap:

Bigger in Texas:
Overall, I was glad to get home. However, I did have 2 heavenly retail experiences that although there is no photographic evidence, the shopping bags are real:
1. Whole Foods. Austin is home base for Whole Foods, and the store that houses the offices, is amazing! I walked in and never wanted to leave. They had food after food bar offering everything you could ever want. Texas laws allow you to DRINK while you SHOP (compose yourself), and there was live music (its Austin, remember!). We ate dinner there one night and probably had the best food. If I lived in Austin, I would weigh 300 pounds from eating there, but my body fat would be 100% recyclable.
2. "And on the 7th day He rested, but He obviously got up early the next morning and created IKEA." This place is the bomb. And I don't use "the bomb" very often. Its the size of like 3 costcos and divided into first a pier one like atmosphere with rooms set up like you can view how it'll look and then more of a warehouse section where you grab the big stuff you liked in the show rooms. The only sad part was I only had an hour, but don 't worry, I pretty much shoved anything I thought I could fit on the plane into the shopping cart. And the prices are so cheap. I have decided I should just drive a uhaul to Atlanta and redo the whole house. Dan isn't allowed to come home from Austin anymore without an IKEA purchase.
We did a lot of other things, more eating, the bats, the children's museum, which probably explains the cranky babies. Regardless, I am looking forward to my next adult only trip!

Happy Birthday to You

Look out world, here I come!

Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday dear Knox, Happy Birthday to you!
Few Facts about the Birthday Boy:
1. At 1 year old, I can:
crawl, stand up, dance, play pat a cake, make elephant and duck sounds, say daddy, momma, grammy, pap, nana, papa, Lucy, Beau, all done, macoroni, yeh, Love you, hi, bye bye, and the occasional random word like Hayden, baby, texas.
2. My favorite foods are: green peas, mac n cheese, grapes, cheddar cheese, bread, blue berries, peantu butter (is it sad that he's already had that?!), corn, Clifford Cereal.
3. Activities include: banging on stuff, trying to stick fingers in light sockets, eating dog food, trying to climb stairs, putting small objects in my mouth, yelling for Lucy, patting Beau on the back, putting my food in my hair, crawling, crawling crawling.
4. Popular Nicknames: Knoxer, Knoxer Doxer, Knoxer Man, Knoxy, Brother Man, Brother Bear, Buddy Boy, baby, sweet muffin.
5. My favorite toys are: my loveys, the remote, balls, anything of Lucy's that makes noise.
6. I smile constantly.
And lets pay homage to the one who let you into this world, little buddy! Don't you forget it, either!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

No pictures for this one...

For any of you kind folks who tune into my blog occasionally, I encourgage you to read and pray for our dear friends Danielle and Blake who again struggle with the difficult journey of trying to bring a baby into the world. I want desperately to one day post pictures of a chubby round baby on here for them, but right now their child is truly in God's hands, so please ask of him to make this child a reality. They need more than ever to feel the power of people praying for them.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Young Men

I am not used to photographing anyone who stays still and smiles on cue, but the Walton Boys were definitely no nonsense fellows and made my job pretty easy. Hunter is going into 12th grade, Chris into 8th. I look forward to capturing the whole family this fall.

But hold the phones, let's not forget who the cutest fellow around here is!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Family Photo

A few weeks ago Dan's Family rounded up for a group that I didn't have to run back to get in the picture before it flashed! See the results!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Weekend of Shoots...

Been Busy.

Dedmond Kids

The Wollum Family


They'll be playing Pucketts October 25.

Thats my Aunt Gay in front, Aunt Bev 3rd back and Uncle Frank 4th back.