Friday, March 27, 2009

Some Smiles to Start Your Weekend

Some smiles from last weekend....

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Whole Hearted

Waiting at VCH
Our little Knox has his follow up today at Vanderbilt Childrens Hospital to determine whats been going on with that hole in his heart. First order of business was an ultrasound, which to any 18 month old is daunting-dark room, stranger, stick and gooey stuff...and stay STILL! Add to that the fact the child is Knox, who has serious stranger danger relflexes and the inability to stay still in any given spot, and you have recipe for disaster. The craziest thing is he laid still as I have ever seen him be, even sleeping! A statue. Frozen. For nearly 20 minutes. Dan and I just kept gazing at each other in amazement (afraid to speak or move for fear of jinxing it!). The cardiologist said later that the images they were able to get were amazing. Minute measurements were taken just because they could. My prayer during this whole ordeal was for God to guide the doctors and to help them do whatever they could to heal my child. I was fully prepared to allow God to work through the hands of a surgeon. It was by no accident that Knox lay there so still. That was proven when the dr. annouced (almost sheepishly) that he couldn't actually see the hole anymore. He could hear it, and could see the blood flow changes but as far as looking (even at those crystal clear images) he couldn't SEE it. The tissue surrounding it has begun to close it without intervention. Well, with out MEDICAL intervention, that is! Smaller hole equals no surgery.

Yay no surgery!

I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that God is simply answering the prayers laid before him over the past six months. I know his phone was ringing off the hook, thanks to an amazing network of friends. I know that just this week another boxer was added to his corner of the ring. I know there are other things that I cannot see but know are there and I am good with just knowing. Be still and know that I am God.

So for now, we get to return to life as "normal" and wait a year. And truth be told, I'm not worried a bit. (except for that whole having to raise a boy until he's 18 part :-))

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Right Stuff

There are times I am simply grateful for the way God designed us humans. I was thinking about that last night as I marveled at the concept of memory and how awesome it is to get older and have memories start to mean even more. Now, you might find my SOURCE of memory hilarious, but it harkens back for me a bit of my youngster years. Lucky for the blogging world, I recently got a Canon point and shoot to supplement the big camera when one is needed that will fit in a clutch. I guess in 20 more years THIS memory will bring back as many smiles as last night's did!
This is me and the pink arrow is the New Kids on the Block! Live and in Concert! (yes, they are still living...barely.)
The white shirted one would be Jon, "my" new kid, who incidentally was 21 when I was 11 which is totally creepy. They all took quite a few breaks so not to invite heartattack, but otherwise put on the show all the crazy ladies were there to see.

And, since now you are totally jealous, here is a peek at the show. Check all the mom heads!