Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Gill-more girls!

The Gill family has let me photograph Addie Grace while she's grown up-
and what a model she is. Her history of photographs is my history of learning the art of photography!

Now, at 5 years old, she's getting ready to be a big sister. Christine, her mamma, battled cancer before being able to become a mommy again, and this baby is certainly going to be a testament to faith, prayer, and the medical community. I am honored to be her friend and photographer, and can't wait to hold baby Sadie in a few weeks!
I had to take advantage of this fabulous stork graffiti in downtown Franklin. I would almost accuse a fellow photographer of putting it there just to have a cool place for maternity pics! Hopefully the city won't paint over it so I can use it again!

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