Monday, December 8, 2008

Run, Mamma, Run!

This past Saturday, I checked an item off my "bucket list": run a half marathon. Now, while that goal is obtainable by many people, it was a shot in the dark for me. Before August of this year, I had not run farther than 1 mile. I made fun of runners, running outfits, and found the mere thought of running for fun obsurd. But, I really began to like the idea of training and accomplishing something, so I have mentioned it to a friend, and before long, we were off and well, running! I would have never guessed I could actually do it, but I did-ran all the way, though my speed is pretty slow! Here are some pictures provided by Papa Goose and a few shout outs:
Me and Amy crossing the finish line! Amy has been my support along the journey both physically and mentally, and many days, spirtually! We stayed with each other the entire race and held hands as we finished so we would have the same time. Without her and our friend Ashley (who's time left us in the dust!), I would have never gotten the nerve to race!
My life long friend and cousin, Liz. We decided to both do this race seperately, then were surprised to find out that the other signed up! I am really proud of her for sticking to training and finishing in an impressive time, all in the same year she was diagnosed with Lupus. Take that, disease!
This is my buddy, Mike, crossing the finish after completing the FULL. Mike offered us running expertise and support during training. I still think anyone who would want to run one step past 13.1 is crazy, but this guy has now done it mulitple times.

Overall, taking 2 hours and 45 minutes to do something for myself that ended up as a feat of physical ability did wonders for my spirit. When you spend your day constantly rounding up children and rarely getting a thought completed, much less projects or tasks, getting awarded a medal for doing something means a lot. Now, little running vacation, then train for Music City. I guess I can add "runner" to my resume. Who would thought?!


Sarah said...

Go MAMMA Go! Great job!!!

kaycee said...

You are stinking amazing. I am so super proud of all you lovely ladies. Way to go.

Momto3poshtots said...

Congrats, Rachel!